Badshahi Mosque, Pakistan 3

This is inside the Badshahi Mosque, in Lahore. People would often go inside and sit or lie on the cool marble floor to escape the heat. I don’t remember how hot it was in Lahore at that time, but earlier we were in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, and the temperatures were in the high 40s. That’s really hot, you know? As in people were dying. I was in Cairo during a heat wave where the mercury reached the low 50s. I experienced similar temps in Turpan, China. At that time I could not even step into the sun without immediately feeling like I was going to die. I do remember this about Lahore: it was hot enough that within a couple of hours of being outside, every inch of your T-shirt would be soaked with sweat. At the end of each day, my travelling mate and I would wring out our T-shirts and hang them to dry so we could wear them the next day. It sounds gross, right? But they didn’t stink. It was pure, clean sweat coming out of our bodies. Not BO-ish at all.