Fortune teller, Sri Lanka

This fortune teller in Unawatuna told me that I had many boyfriends and that I needed to choose one and marry him, that I’d had a tough time lately but things were going to get better and a bunch of other stuff I don’t remember. But I do remember that none of it came true.

The fellow having his palm read is this goofy American guy who was teaching in Abu Dhabi. He was on holiday with this other, equally goofy American guy who also taught in Abu Dhabi. Anyway, one day the first goofy guy asks me if I want to have dinner. I say OK, praying that he’ll bring the other guy with him. Well. I arrive and he’s alone. So I say, where’s X? And he says, oh, he’s back in the room. And then he says, I hope you don’t mind, I ordered prawns for two. I say, I hate prawns (not true), and proceeded to order fish.


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