Leg rowers, Inle Lake

Man oh man I can’t say I miss using slide film. If your exposures were not spot-on, the results would be crap, and there was nothing you could do about it (until Photoshop. Ta-da!). Slide film was expensive to develop, and you had to store the slides in special archival sleeves, which were not cheap either. But the worst part is storing them. I have several very big, very heavy binders filled with slides taking up valuable shelf space (as opposed to my teeny tiny 500gb hard drive I just throw in a drawer).

No wait, the worst part (personally) is that so so so many of my slides have these little tiny specs of dirt all over them as well as fine networks of … of … mildew? Because that’s what happens when you have your slides just sitting in a closet in your apartment in a very hot and humid place (Taipei) for years on end. These things need climate control, man. Again, a big thank-you to Photoshop, as it allows me to get most of those specs and networks of spores or whatever the hell they are out.

Maybe the worst part is transferring your slides to digital. You get a scanner and you think, this is going to be great. And then you realize how astonishingly time consuming it is to scan slides. And the scanner I’ve got will work for two hours max before it goes, “look, I’ve worked enough, I’m tired,” and it just turns itself off. Jerk.

Anyhoo, I took this picture on Inle Lake, Burma, one morning at dawn. These are the famous leg rowing fishermen, who, as the photo suggests, stand on their boats and wrap a leg around one oar to paddle.


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