Orangutan, Bukit Luwang

On the stunning island of Sumatra near the little village of Bukit Luwang is the largest reserve of Sumatran orangutans around. My friend Lorne and I went there one day around feeding time. No orangutans. Then one of the workers banged two tin cups together and soon after we heard a rustling high up in the trees. And then they came into view, 3 of them, swinging on the branches till they reached the feeding platform. I wouldn’t describe them as cute – they’re too much like humans – but they were wonderful to see. And then I remembered all those weird stories from way back about orangutans kidnapping human ladies. Where did those stories come from anyway?


One comment on “Orangutan, Bukit Luwang”

  1. haha, T – I was here, too! I have a memory of an orangutan getting a little-too-close-for-comfort with me, though. Bit scary!

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