Sleeping baby, Annapurna

I trekked the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayas and it was pretty much the best three weeks of my life. Going through the villages I met so many lovely people. I found this baby taking a midday nap, covered with an old sweater, on the porch of his home. Behind him is a basket of wool, harvested from a goat or sheep.


2 comments on “Sleeping baby, Annapurna”

  1. Hi T – Great shots. I resonated with your comment “…best three weeks of my life.” I did a 3-week trek in Nepal, too (a different one than yours) and have to say, same same. Unlike anything else.

    • I know. It was so difficult and so many things went wrong but the crazy things just made it all the more memorable, and remarkable that we finished it.

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