Old Tibetan woman, Xiahe

The last time I hauled out the ol’ scanner, I scanned a bunch of slides I took in Tibet and an area in China called Xiahe. So that’s what I’ll be posting for the next little while. This one was taken in Xiahe, home of the Labrang Monastery, in Gansu Province. This day was so great: an important lama was going to speak at the monastery, so all these people came down from the hills, from the countryside and from around town to hear him. Hundreds of people poured into the courtyard. My friend L and I had never met Tibetan people before, and I think it was safe to say that some of these folks hadn’t had much contact with westerners. We were fascinated with their dress, their hairstyles, their facial features – everything. I don’t know what interested them about us – probably the same things – but we were walking around this building and we’d round a corner and there would be some Tibetans coming the other way and both parties would stop dead and just kind of examine each other for a minute before carrying on. It was so funny and mutually friendly. So a number of the shots I’ll be posting were taken just as we were rounding a corner and coming upon a pair or group of Tibetans.


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