Pakistani girls, Lahore

Lahore. What a place. When I was there, more than 15 years ago, the word was there was only one safe place to stay in town: the YWCA. Rumours abounded about every single other guesthouse – that all the windows were easily opened and thieves were literally waiting in the bushes to grab your stuff. So, like every single other traveller, my friend and I went to the YWCA, only to discover they were full. But we refused to leave. We just kind of hung around till someone took pity on us and told us we could sleep in an old schoolroom that was no longer in use. We were elated. Even though it was really dirty. Even though a cat came in in the middle of the first night and shat on the floor. But hey, at least nothing got stolen.

The building behind the three lovely girls is not the YWCA, but the Wazir Khan Mosque.


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