Who am I?

I’m an amateur picture taker with binders full of black and white negatives and slides and a nice scanner on loan from a friend. I am inspired by the work of Graciela Iturbide, Manuel Alvarez Bravo, among others. Most of my pictures were taken on my overseas travels – which have been greatly diminished since I became a middle-aged worrywart with a steady full-time job. Though I use a digital camera now, I have still have my mechanical cameras and lenses and occasionally take them out and look at them in wonderment. I will post on this blog irregularly, though I’ll aim for once a week. I live in Vancouver, BC. Oh yeah, I’m the one holding the Kalashnikov.


One comment on “Who am I?”

  1. Absolutely love this photo. 🙂 “Yeah I gave her my gun…but I kept hold of the bullets. Momma didn’t raise no fool!”

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